• Kenneth


    Hallo Chris,
    Bin gerade zurück aus Dortmund und noch ein bisschen müde von reise und wochenende, so das es vielleicht jetzt besser ist um in Englischer sprache weiter zu gehen.
    The concert yesterday was again great and outstanding as all the last concerts, which i visited, were.
    The setlist was very good, and a good mix of new, ‚Leitbild‘, tracks and some older all-time classics, although i could have wished to hear a few more tracks from Leitbild and the single (Nowhere). But i understand that in this case you easily need 1-2 extra hours, as there are so many new and recent/classic tracks which are great to perform and will satisfy the audience. And the risk of dataloss (text) will be also higher, haha, but no kidding, you all did a great job again.
    I really enjoyed the concert and Massive Ego was also good. Besides in Berlin i will see them also at the Amphi festival this year, besides the always symphatic guys von Chrom.
    I was lucky to have a place in the front row and that’s again a prove that it’s worthwhile to be in time.
    As by many concerts in the past, i think i was the only Dutch visitor, yesterday i met 2 freindly Dutch girls from the north-east of the Netherlands and this morning in the breakfast room in my hotel, i met another freindly Dutch woman who accompanied me a majority part of the way back. It was for all of them the first Blutengel concert and they liked it very much.
    And off course i told to them enthusiastic about all great concerts in the past. I only always when i met or speak to Dutch people about Blutengel, i think by myself that it seems that the responsible people at Rough Trade Netherlands have some blinkers on, as they should have done much more.
    After the concert was over, it was also very nice to have a little chat outside at the backstage area. It was the waiting worth and in between i had a nice chat with Scott and some other fans. And that also is always very nice, when you met other fans which you saw or met at other concerts and festivals in the past. I know already that i will see and met a lot of people in Berlin at the fan-weekend. So again a great weekend to look forward to, bit first i have also an Electro/EBM evening/night in Belgium, not that far from Dutch border with live concert from Dirk Ivens (Dive).
    So again thanks for the great concert and see you (all) in Berlin at the festival weekend.
    Greetings from Nijmegen, The Netherlands,

  • Christopher


    Vielen vielen dank für das geniale Konzert gestern in Dortmund. Ich hab immer noch Gänsehaut am ganzen Körper. Die 4 Stunden warten vorm Eingang haben sich mehr als gelohnt, habs in die erste Reihe geschafft 😉
    Zum Konzert kann ich nicht viel sagen, dafür fehlen mir einfach nur die Worte. Umwerfend, atemberaubend…sucht euch eins aus…
    Also nochmal…Lieber Chris, liebe Ulli und natürlich auch alle anderen :
    Ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön an euch, dieser Abend war unvergesslich
    Wir sehen uns in Köln und Berlin wieder 🙂

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